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South Carolina Agency Transparency Expenditures

The South Carolina Department of Commerce strives to be a good steward of the state taxpayer’s dollars by managing agency resources in a cost-effective manner. To view how SC Commerce is spending your tax dollars, click on the links below. You can also view a comprehensive list of cataloged, transparency reports on the SC Legislature's website

Inspector General Fraud Hotline

To report fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement or misconduct within or involving a state agency, call the State Inspector General at 1-855-723-7283 (1-855-SC-Fraud), or visit the State Inspector General's website to file a complaint online.


Fines and Fees Report

In order to promote accountability and transparency, each state agency must provide and release to the public, via the agency's website, a report of all aggregate amounts of fines and fees that were charged and collected by that state agency in the prior fiscal year.

Fines and Fees Report, Fiscal Year 2022 - 2023


Annual Accountability Report

SC Commerce’s Annual Accountability Report is a tool used by the Governor and General Assembly to obtain an overall understanding of how we, as an agency, performed for the year. This report is to be used as a self-assessment tool and to aid toward continuous improvement in agency operations.

2022 - 2023 Agency Accountability Report


Annual Reports - Regional Economic Development Organizations

With a commitment to promoting accountability and transparency and in accordance with Proviso 50.13 of the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Appropriation Act, SC Commerce posts the annual reports of the eight regional economic development organizations. These reports include information on the expenditure of funds and the outcome measures for each of the regional economic development organizations in the prior year.

Annual Reports - Regional Economic Development Organizations

Ethics and Professional Conduct Policy

SC Commerce is committed to operating all activities within the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations affecting its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Ethics & Professional Conduct Policy


Employment Opportunities

SC Commerce offers challenging and rewarding employment opportunities for individuals who desire to make a direct impact in the lives of South Carolina citizens. From Global Business Development to Business Services, a range of divisions offer exciting and satisfying careers for individuals who seek to make a difference in our state.

South Carolina Department of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Current Openings