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Why South Carolina

You won’t find a more hospitable or business-friendly climate than South Carolina.

That’s not just our opinion. Area Development magazine consistently ranks South Carolina as one of the top five states to do business in the nation. We are proud to offer a good value equation to all businesses—enterprise or entrepreneurial.

Incentives and Taxes

Aggressive incentives position industries for growth and create an exceptional economic climate that maximizes return on investment. 
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Though coastal and temperate, South Carolina is just a two days’ drive from nearly 208 million Americans—that's two-thirds of the US population. That number includes all major East Coast markets, plus Detroit, Chicago and Dallas.
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South Carolina is home to some of the United States' most diverse ecosystems and natural features. South Carolina is a haven for naturalists and outdoor recreationalists, alike. Our business environment is no exception.
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Industrial power rates are 14% lower than the national average



We're ranked highly for low labor costs and workforce development programs by Area Development magazine.
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Training and Education

More than 160,000 students are enrolled, on a full-time basis, in the state's public and private learning institutions.
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In South Carolina, we understand that competitiveness requires a commitment to research and development. The Palmetto State supports a plethora of development opportunities from universities to world-class research facilities.
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Business friendly right-to-work state

Life in South Carolina

Appreciating a beautiful day is a favorite South Carolina pastime and it is beautiful most all the time, from the natural landscapes to the world-renowned events. South Carolina offers a low cost of living and unparalleled access to the US and travel abroad.
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