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Bring your life sciences company to South Carolina

The life sciences industry is recognizing South Carolina as a top destination.

Recent investments and expansions by leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have brought recognition to South Carolina as a top destination for life sciences industry companies. With a talented and innovative workforce, top research institutions and world-class hospital systems, the Palmetto State boasts an expanding biotech infrastructure.

With such exceptional assets, a dynamic group of bulk manufacturers, chemical processors, generic and proprietary pharmaceutical developers, hygiene product producers and packagers and related research and development companies have all decided to make their home in South Carolina. As a result, the Palmetto State has cultivated a truly cutting-edge life science sector.

Life Science Feature Story

Belimed Life Science

Belimed Life Science is a Swiss founded manufacturer of products used in the manufacturing process of lifesaving vaccines and drug therapies. The leading supplier of steam sterilizers and parts washers with operations, Charleston County is its first US site.

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Life Sciences Manufacturing Facts


new life sciences jobs announced from 2017–2023

$25.7 billion

annual economic impact of South Carolina's life sciences industry


life sciences companies currently operating in SC


South Carolinians employed in the life sciences sector


growing life sciences sector in the Southeast and in the state

$958 million

in export sales of medical instruments and pharmaceutical products in 2023

SC Life Sciences Industry Profile

“This is a historic day for our company, and, we believe, for South Carolina. Over the course of the last year, we have poured every bit of creativity, energy and resources we have at our disposal into doing our part, as a proud Made-in-America manufacturer, to respond to an unprecedented crisis. Nephron Nitrile is the latest part of our ongoing effort to make South Carolina the nationwide example for effectively responding to America’s needs, this time by shoring up the domestic supply chain.”

- Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation Owner and CEO Lou Kennedy

“In 1992, with only two employees, my dad, pharmacist Robert Henderson, founded our company. This is a reflection of free enterprise and shows the American success story is alive and well in our country. Our company’s mission is quite simple: To serve the Lord and glorify Him using the gifts He has given our employees to research, develop, manufacture and market products that improve the quality of life for people and their pets. We have fantastic employees, and they are our greatest asset. We plan to continue to be a part of making Lancaster a great place to work and live, including providing support to local organizations that are in line with our Mission, inspiring others to humbly serve our community.”

Nutramax Laboratories President and CEO Todd Henderson DVM

Life Science & Pharmaceutical Companies in South Carolina

Nephron Pharmaceuticals
Nutramax Laboratories

Tax Incentives for Life Sciences Manufacturers

South Carolina offers aggressive tax incentives to support research and development and life science industry growth. Pharmaceutical companies, biomedical manufacturing companies, medical device manufacturers and others in the life sciences manufacturing space can benefit from SC’s pro-business policies.

SC Tax Incentives for Life Sciences

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