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Training & Education

More than 160,000 students are enrolled, on a full-time basis, in the state's public and private learning institutions.

Workforce Training with readySC™

For more than 50 years, the SC Technical College System has powered readySC™ which provides well-trained employees to companies investing in South Carolina. The readySC™ program includes recruiting, screening and training as well as a tailored curriculum to fit a company's specific needs.

The South Carolina Technical College System

The South Carolina Technical College System is comprised of 16 community-based technical colleges throughout the state. Home to the readySCTM program, the SC Technical College System serves more than 160,000 students and excels at creating programs that meet the needs of area businesses and industries.


Employment and Workforce Assistance

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW) promotes stable employment and economic growth by tracking trends and statistics and connecting employers and job seekers.

SC Employment Information

The Research Division of SC Commerce provides labor market information, including job force data, employment by industry, unemployment, wages, occupational employment, projections, job skills, business locations and population demographics.