The Recon Group, Inc. establishing Cherokee County operations

$1.3 million investment to result in an expected 248 new jobs

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A leader in fully integrated, secure and auditable reverse logistics solutions is establishing a facility to process consumer electronic returns in Cherokee County. The Recon Group, Inc. is investing $1.3 million to locate in Blacksburg, S.C., creating an expected 248 new jobs.

Incorporated in 2007 and headquartered in Miami, Fla., The Recon Group maintains a global reach with operations in the United States, Canada and China. Boasting a large repertoire of in-house developed Standard Operating Procedures, The Recon Group adopted the terminology of Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch and Smart Returns to describe its offerings. With a client list including all big box consumer electronics retailers, the company excels in consumer electronics.

The Recon Group’s Cherokee County facility, located at 153 Gibbons Road in Blacksburg, S.C., will be the firm’s seventh in the United States and ninth worldwide. Utilizing more than 180,000 square-feet of warehouse space, with plans for future expansion, this Blacksburg facility will specialize in the refurbishment of customer return high-definition televisions, with the ability to accommodate flex space for pilot programs.

readySC™, a division of the S.C. Technical College System, will be assisting with recruitment and training of Repair and Lead Technicians at The Recon Group facility. To apply for these positions, please visit

TRG has secured Mancan Staffing to recruit, screen and hire employees for all other positions. Mancan has 3 local offices; Gastonia, Gaffney and Blacksburg.  The Blacksburg office is located within the TRG facility and is accepting applications on Mon., Wed. and Fri from 9am - 1pm.  However, all three locations are participating in the recruiting process and have begun to take applications/resumes.  Interested candidates should contact a staffing office by phone, apply in person on-site or submit resumes to

For more information on The Recon Group, please visit


“With our rapid expansion, Blacksburg is simply the next logical step for many reasons.  Along with its proximity to key suppliers’ distribution centers, its location provides faster turnarounds and reduced logistics costs for our east coast based customers. ” – Matt Gallagher, TRG Chief Customer Officer

“We at TRG are all excited to be here in Blacksburg, and would especially like to thank everybody in South Carolina that have made this expansion possible.  Your continued support, quick turnarounds and goodwill have made this possible.  We look forward to our continued relationship, growth and future possibilities that we can bring to the area.” – Adam Ziegler, TRG VP of Operations

“The Recon Group bringing nearly 250 new jobs to Cherokee County is a big win for Team South Carolina, and we thank them for their commitment to our state. We look forward to watching them succeed here and we are very confident they will find our world-class workforce is more than capable of getting the job done.” –Gov. Nikki Haley

“In South Carolina, we are extremely proud of our supply chain and logistics capabilities. Adding a reverse logistics firm, like The Recon Group, only strengthens our state’s ability to efficiently transport goods both before and after they go to market.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“On behalf of Cherokee County and its great citizens, I would like to welcome The Recon Group to our business community.   We are certainly thankful for their decision to invest in our county.  We look forward to partnering with them to ensure their success.” – Cherokee County Council Chairman Tim Spencer

“The announcement of The Recon Group to Cherokee County is a great testament to our state’s locational advantage and logistic capabilities. On behalf of the Upstate region, we want to extend a warm welcome to the Recon Group and congratulate Team South Carolina on another great win for our state.” –Upstate SC Alliance President/CEO John Lummus


  • The Recon Group, Inc. is establishing operations in Cherokee County.
  • $1.3 million investment creating an expected 248 new jobs.
  • The facility is located at 153 Gibbons Road in Blacksburg, S.C.
  • The Recon Group, Inc. is headquartered in Miami, Fla.
  • To apply and train for Repair and Lead Technicians positions at The Recon Group, please visit Hiring for all other initial positions will be handled by Mancan’s Gaffney office. Interested candidates should contact a staffing office by phone, apply in person on-site or submit resumes to

About The Recon Group, Inc.
The Recon Group (TRG) was incorporated in 2007. Throughout the years, TRG focused its efforts on the Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch and Smart Returns aspects of the Reverse Logistics' Industry. Having added every big box consumer electronic retailer to our client roster, The Recon Group's area of expertise lies in Consumer Electronics, however, it is not limited to this category. TRG has developed and executed programs for a multitude of consumer level products, including soft goods, hard goods, clothing and toys. TRG’s roots are deep in first-hand experience, our team consists of individuals collaboratively working together, to each bring their versatile backgrounds and experiences, goals, achievements, certifications and inter-industry networking, creating TRG. For more information, visit