Sketch Room: Relentless Challenge Grant Series

August 8, 2019

Columbia, SC

The Relentless Challenge grant series is taking the spotlight for our next Sketch Room session. This event, to be hosted at Hammond School in Columbia, SC, is for organizations that believe they have solutions for access to capital, talent development or entrepreneurship. Past receipients with successful projects will be onsite to present their experience, while allowing attendees to share their prospective ideas for feedback across the innovation community.

Up to $1 million in competitive grants may be awarded during this funding cycle. Individual awards have no minimum and are up to $75,000. A demonstrated dollar-for-dollar match from non-state entities will be required for consideration of projects and award of funding. Match funding for this opportunity is defined as non-state dollars, which can mean federal, local or private dollars. Match funding for this opportunity does not include loans or credit. Projects are expected to leverage other public and private investments which serve as a catalyst for future development. Funding must be spent within the first year after the funds are drawn down.

Interested applications are strongly recommended to attend the August 8 Sketch Room event. A more detailed agenda will be provided in the coming weeks.

Additionally, participants who complete a Request to Pitch form receive a five point advantage during the selection process scoring and a ten point advantage will be given to the three projects who are invited to pitch during the August 8 information session. Presenters have 15 minutes to share their perspective Target Project Plan followed by 45 minutes of collaborative feedback and strategy with fellow attendees.

Relentless Challenge Grant Guidelines