Recycling: S.C. companies showcase innovative recycling efforts

The Recycling Market Development staff at S.C. Commerce works diligently to advance and grow recycling initiatives and industry in South Carolina. This week, Team S.C. toured Carolina Canners, Inc. and EZ Products, LLC, both located in Cheraw, to learn more about each company's recycling initiatives and commitment to S.C.'s $13 billion recycling industry. 

Carolina Canners, Inc. is an independent Pepsi bottler and production cooperative. EZ Products, LLC toll washes post-consumer, post-industrial and deposit polyethylene terphthlate (PET) flake and pellet.

Both companies offered first-hand looks at how they work to reuse and repurpose materials and stressed the importance of the recycling industry in S.C.

In fact, Team S.C.’s Your Bottles Means Jobs initiative promotes the message that if each household in the Carolinas recycled two more bottles each week, it would create 300 local jobs.

The plastics recycling industry in the Carolinas is robust and growing but needs everyone's help and support to get more bottles recycled. In North and South Carolina, more than 3,500 people are directly employed converting bottles and other plastics into new products like carpeting, clothes and other textiles, plastic pipe, plastic lumber and more bottles.