Message from Secretary Hitt: Life sciences growth in S.C.

In South Carolina, we make some pretty remarkable things, from aircraft to premium automobiles to high-tech household appliances. We also make a multitude of life sciences-related products, such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

With a talented and innovative workforce, top research institutions and world-class hospital systems, the life sciences sector is a key driver of economic prosperity in South Carolina.

A dynamic group of scientists, manufacturers, chemical processors, generic and proprietary pharmaceutical developers, research and development companies, health IT organizations and many more has all decided to make South Carolina their home. As a result, S.C. has cultivated a truly cutting-edge life sciences sector with an economic impact of more than $11 billion annually.      

In an effort to build South Carolina's innovative life sciences ecosystem and fuel the state's knowledge economy, S.C. Commerce partners with S.C. Biotechnology Industry Organization (SCBIO), the statewide, life sciences industry association and economic development organization that works to actively promote, build, support and expand South Carolina's life sciences industry. 

To further the discussion of this dynamic sector's future, SCBIO will host hundreds of industry executives, leaders in government and higher education, biotechnology and pharma executives at its 2019 Annual Conference on October 29-31 in Greenville, S.C. The three-day event provides a great opportunity for industry stakeholders to gather and examine ways to further strengthen life sciences across South Carolina.

Already a strong component of the state's economy, this sector represents significant growth opportunities, and its continued development will help us ensure prosperity in South Carolina for years to come.