Message from Secretary Hitt: Ensuring employee safety and minimizing business disruptions

As conversations surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue, South Carolina health officials are closely following the situation and encouraging residents to take precautions should it arrive in the Palmetto State. 

From an industry perspective, at this time, we are not hearing that S.C. businesses have experienced major disruptions resulting from COVID-19. However, we do know that companies are carefully examining supply chains, rearranging some of their logistics and evaluating contingency plans. It's important, no matter the type of situation or emergency, that businesses be prepared to ensure employee safety and minimize potential disruptions. 

Team S.C. is closely monitoring any potential impact COVID-19 is having on the supply chains of companies across the state. And, along with our allies, S.C. Commerce will continue to distribute up-to-date COVID-19 information to business and industry, and will remain a point of contact for any industry-related questions. During times of uncertainty, I want to reiterate that Team South Carolina is committed to supporting our workforce and industry.