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World Energy launching new Hampton County operations

Biodiesel supplier bringing $5.4 million investment

COLUMBIA, S.C. World Energy, one of America’s largest suppliers of biodiesel, today announced plans to locate its new production facility in Hampton County. The company’s $5.4 million investment is projected to create 30 jobs over the next five years.

With more than 20 years of expertise in biodiesel production, the company currently produces approximately 200 million gallons of biodiesel annually. World Energy's new operations will be located at 552 Third Street West in Estill, S.C. at a former biodiesel production facility. The company will be upgrading and reviving the idled plant to produce state-of-the-art biodiesel, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 78 percent compared to petroleum diesel.

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The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project.


“As South Carolina’s and Hampton County’s newest corporate citizen, we are thrilled to be coming to a community that means business. Our mission is to deliver the cleaner, low-carbon fuels the world needs, from communities where we can be of service. Estill is a great place for us to invest, and we are looking forward to getting to work in this great community.” –World Energy LLC CEO Gene Gebolys

“Today, we’re proud to celebrate the continued growth of South Carolina’s biodiesel industry with this announcement from World Energy. The 30 jobs created in Hampton County will make a big difference in the local community, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for this innovative company.” –Gov. Henry McMaster

“We are excited to see a company make a fresh start and place its trust in the capable hands of Team South Carolina. World Energy is a prime example of the strong entrepreneurial spirit we encourage in the Palmetto State, and I look forward to seeing them grow and succeed here.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“Economic development is a team effort in Hampton County, and this project has been a perfect example of that concept. I salute our county administration, our elected officials and our allies at SouthernCarolina Alliance for their hard work and resolve in bringing World Energy to Estill. The reward will be the addition of a great company and 30 jobs to our growing industrial community.” –Hampton County Council Chairman Clay Bishop

“On behalf of the town of Estill, I am excited to welcome World Energy in its new business endeavor. We are thrilled to see an existing facility being put back into regulation. The town looks to help in any way to make this business thrive. Infrastructure is extremely important in our community, and we look forward to the growth and employment provided by World Energy's success.” –Mayor of Estill Corrin Bowers

“The Hampton Economic Development Commission is pleased to work with World Energy to bring new life to the facility in Estill, where the company will produce a state-of-the-art alternative energy product.” –Hampton County Economic Development Commission Chairman Bill Hager

“World Energy is an innovative company providing a ‘green’ product in our modern world. We are proud to have this production facility operating in our region, creating jobs and building a better future for generations to come.” –SouthernCarolina Alliance Chairman Marty Sauls


  • World Energy is launching new Hampton County operations.
  • $5.4 million investment to create 30 new jobs.
  • World Energy is a leading supplier of biodiesel and will be reviving and upgrading an idled biodiesel plant.
  • The facility is located at 552 Third Street West in Estill, S.C.
  • For more information on World Energy, visit