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SEM Wafertech Inc. and Solar4America Technology, Inc. establishing first South Carolina operations in Sumter County

$65.9 million investment will create 300 new jobs

SEM Wafertech Inc. (SEM Wafertech) and Solar4America Technology, Inc. (Solar4America), both 100% owned by SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI), a global renewable energy company, today announced plans to establish their first South Carolina operations in Sumter County. The $65.9 million investment will create 300 new jobs.

SEM Wafertech is a leading solar wafer manufacturer in the United States. The new facility will help meet the increasing need for locally sourced solar wafers as the demand for solar power continues to grow in the U.S. SEM Wafertech is targeting delivery and production of its first solar wafers in the U.S. by the end of 2023, with capacity ramping to three gigawatts by 2024.

Solar4America is a prime solar module manufacturing company that produces “Made in the USA” solar modules. In combination with its facility in Sacramento, California, the new South Carolina facility will allow Solar4America to manufacture a wider variety of solar panels for customers, with an aim to increase capacity to 2.4 gigawatts by the end of the year.

SEM Wafertech and Solar4America plan to occupy an existing building located at 1150 Clipper Road in Sumter, where they will design, build out and install a world-class silicon wafer slicing facility. Silicon wafers produced in the facility will be used in a variety of applications, including photovoltaic cells and semiconductors. Solar panels will serve commercial, residential and industrial energy generation and storage needs.

Operations are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023. Individuals interested in joining the team should visit the company’s careers page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved job development credits related to this project. The council also awarded a $1.5 million Rural Infrastructure Fund (RIF) grant to Sumter County to assist with the costs of water and wastewater improvements and building improvements.


“As a global renewable energy company making American-made solar wafers and modules, we recognize the importance of having a strong domestic supply chain to meet the fast-growing demand for affordable solar power. We plan to bring the highest-quality domestically produced solar wafers and modules to market, enhancing our nation’s manufacturing capabilities with a long-term investment that will create good paying jobs for South Carolina.”
-SEM Wafertech Inc. and Solar4America Technology, Inc. Chairman Denton Peng

“South Carolina has proven it has the business environment and workforce in place to attract innovative companies like SEM Wafertech and Solar4America. This $65.9 million investment is yet another win for the state, and we anticipate a long and fruitful partnership.”
-Gov. Henry McMaster

“We are pleased that SEM Wafertech and Solar4America decided to establish in South Carolina. Sumter County is well-equipped to support global solar companies because of its world-class environment. Congratulations, and we welcome them to the state.”
-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“I am personally thrilled to welcome SEM Wafertech and Solar4America to Sumter County, succeeding many exciting investments announced in recent months across South Carolina. With an investment of more than $65 million and the creation of 300 new jobs, SEM Wafertech and Solar4America will be welcome additions to the region, and to our state’s growing number of globally recognized renewable energy and EV-related companies — continuing to make our state’s economy diverse and prosperous. I welcome them to the Sumter family, where I know we will create an enduring partnership in our community.”
-Speaker of the S.C. House of Representatives Murrell Smith

“We are thrilled to add another company to our growing family of industrial leaders in Sumter and are enthusiastic about the corporate investment and jobs that will be a result of this project. The city of Sumter is also proud to partner with the company to support the needed infrastructure improvements for high quality industrial water and wastewater services.”
-City of Sumter Mayor David Merchant

“One of the most rewarding tasks as the chair for Sumter County Council is to participate and celebrate in the growth of our community. We are excited to welcome our new industrial partner and see our manufacturing sector continuously diversifying. We are committed to the utmost extent to your success in Sumter.”
-Sumter County Council Chairman James T. McCain Jr.


  • SEM Wafertech Inc. (SEM Wafertech) and Solar4America Technology, Inc. (Solar4America), both owned by SPI Energy Co., Ltd., are establishing their first South Carolina operations in Sumter County.
  • The $65.9 million investment will create 300 new jobs.
  • SEM Wafertech is a leading solar wafer manufacturer, and Solar4America is a prime solar module manufacturing company.
  • Located at 1150 Clipper Road in Sumter, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the team should visit the company’s careers page.