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Patten Seed Company relocating corporate headquarters to Charleston County

$2.2 million investment will create 40 new jobs and expand South Carolina footprint

Patten Seed Company, one of the largest turfgrass producers in the Southeast, today announced plans to relocate its corporate headquarters to Charleston County. The company’s $2.2 million investment will create 40 new jobs.

Expanding its South Carolina footprint, Patten Seed Company will relocate its corporate headquarters from Lakeland, Georgia to an existing facility at 22 Westedge Street in Charleston. The new headquarters will centralize the company’s senior management team and create a marketing and technology hub. Additionally, the relocation, which is central to Patten Seed Company’s current Southeast operations, positions the company to take advantage of the area’s robust talent pool as it transitions from an agriculture-centered company to a vertically integrated, industry leader.

Patten Seed Company is a 100-year-old company deploying the same forward-thinking initiatives today that took a small seed store in southern Georgia to the largest turfgrass producer in the Southeast. The company operates one of its largest farming operations in Orangeburg, working with farms and facilities across the southeastern United States to ensure its products are fresh and readily available to landscapers and homeowners. Patten Seed Company also has a new retail location in North Charleston that offers its Super-Sod® turfgrass brand and its extensive portfolio of innovative farm products, including two of the company’s fastest growing products, OMRI Listed Soil3 organic compost and Soil3 Veggie Mix.

Operations are expected to be online by the first quarter of 2023. Individuals interested in joining the Patten Seed Company team should visit the company’s careers page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development approved job development credits related to this project. The council also awarded a $200,000 Set-Aside grant to Charleston County to assist with the costs of building improvements.


“Charleston County is central to our current footprint throughout the southeastern United States. As we continue to grow, it was important to centralize the senior management team and take advantage of a more robust hiring market and Charleston County fits that need well. Vibrant companies need vibrant cities.”
-Patten Seed Company Chief Executive Officer Ben Copeland Jr.

“We are pleased that Patten Seed Company will relocate its headquarters to Charleston County. South Carolina continues to attract innovative companies that expand our agribusiness industry, and Patten Seed Company will add to that roster. We look forward to their continued success in South Carolina.”
-Gov. Henry McMaster

“It’s great when an agribusiness such as Patten Seed Company decides to plant more roots in South Carolina. We welcome Patten Seed Company to Charleston County’s vibrant business environment and look forward to the company's success.”
-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“Patten Seed Company's new headquarters operation is a fantastic addition to South Carolina’s thriving agribusiness community. With its rich history and regional reach, Patten Seed Company will contribute jobs, support existing farmers and strengthen our economy.”
-South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers

“With a $2.2 million investment and the creation of 40 new jobs, Patten Seed Company remains a leading player in the turfgrass industry. Patten Seed Company's forward-thinking initiatives continue to pave the way for success and prosperity, and we welcome them to their new home in Charleston County.”
-Charleston County Council Chairman Herbert Ravenel Sass III


  • Patten Seed Company is relocating its corporate headquarters to Charleston County and expanding South Carolina footprint.
  • The company’s $2.2 million investment will create 40 new jobs.
  • Patten Seed Company is one of the largest turfgrass producers in the Southeast.
  • Located at 22 Westedge Street in Charleston, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the Patten Seed Company team should visit the company’s careers page.