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M.G.S., LLC expanding operations in Richland County

$3 million investment will create 12 new jobs

M.G.S., LLC, a military procurement company, today announced plans to expand in Richland County. The company’s $3 million investment will create 12 new jobs.

Based in the United States, M.G.S., LLC is an international procurement and distribution company that assists the government in the acquisition of police and military equipment and services. The company offers an abundance of products and services including ammunition and components, law enforcement and security, weapon systems and more. 

Located at 213 Dawson Road in Columbia, M.G.S., LLC’s expansion includes the construction of a new facility which will accommodate additional office and warehousing space. 

The expansion is expected to be online by April 2023. Individuals interested in joining the M.G.S., LLC team should visit the company’s contact page


“We are extremely grateful at the support received from our community and partners in the industry. We look forward to serving in our beloved state of South Carolina.”
-M.G.S., LLC Chief Executive Officer Robert Suber

“South Carolina’s proud military community has helped us to attract and grow businesses in our military sector, and this expansion by M.G.S., LLC is further proof of that. Congratulations to M.G.S., LLC on their expansion, and we thank them for their investment in the state.” 
-Gov. Henry McMaster 

“The military is integral to South Carolina’s economy, and M.G.S., LLC’s expansion will continue to support and grow this sector not only in Richland County, but across the state. We look forward to the opportunities that result from this investment.”
-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“M.G.S., LLC is not only a long-standing employer in Richland County, but it has also been an essential partner to the Richland County Sheriff's Department by providing equipment, facilities and training. Council supports M.G.S., LLC’s commitment to more than double its workforce over the next few years and is happy to help facilitate this company’s growth.”
-Richland County Council Chair Overture Walker


  • M.G.S., LLC is expanding operations in Richland County.
  • The company’s $3 million investment will create 12 new jobs.
  • M.G.S., LLC is a military procurement company.
  • Located at 213 Dawson Road in Columbia, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the M.G.S., LLC team should visit the company’s contact page