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Gov. Henry McMaster launches state’s first electric vehicle website

Geared to help expand the industry’s growth in South Carolina

Governor Henry McMaster today announced the launch of, a virtual hub highlighting South Carolina’s growing electric vehicle (EV) industry and the state’s capacity for further industry expansion.

The site, created by the South Carolina Department of Commerce (S.C. Commerce) as outlined in Executive Order 2022-31, which Gov. McMaster issued in October 2022, provides a one-stop-shop for the EV industry to learn how South Carolina is evolving the future by powering EV.

The easy-to-navigate website includes four main sections to help prospective companies understand why the state’s strong advanced manufacturing sector and reputation as an automotive powerhouse make South Carolina the place to establish or grow EV operations. The sections include:

  • State Support – Contains information about Gov. McMaster’s commitment to ensuring South Carolina is prepared to meet the opportunities and needs in this time of great industry transformation.
  • Incentives – Explains the various incentives the state makes available to EV manufacturers, including information about workforce-related incentives and workforce training.
  • Plug into SC – Provides an interactive dashboard where users can view the number and location of public charging stations in South Carolina, available buildings and sites, an interactive map that shows the top 50 EV/automotive companies in the state by number of employees, and more.
  • News – Links to S.C. Commerce’s most recent press release announcements related to the state’s EV industry.

“EV-related companies account for more than half of the $10.27 billion in economic development South Carolina announced last year. That speaks to our state’s great potential to lead in this sector,” said Gov. McMaster. “Our business-friendly climate and our greatest resource – our people – make South Carolina the place where the EV industry can transform the future. And this website will help us tell that story.”

“As we work to ensure the state’s sustainable future by attracting companies that can create long-term opportunities for South Carolinians, will help us expand our reach and show that we are the right fit,” said Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III. “Gov. McMaster’s leadership and support in expanding this sector strengthens our ability to achieve continued EV success.”

The site also includes “Five reasons to make your EV in SC,” a short video showcasing original equipment manufacturers that are making or will make EVs in the state, access links to agency partners and the ability to contact the state’s EV Coordinator. The EV Coordinator is housed at S.C. Commerce and can connect interested companies and stakeholders with state agencies and other entities when they inquire about establishing or expanding operations in South Carolina. Contact the state’s EV Coordinator.

S.C. Commerce unveiled during the second meeting of the Interagency EV Working Group, held today. As directed in the October executive order, the South Carolina Department of Transportation oversees the working group.


  • Gov. Henry McMaster launches state’s first electric vehicle website geared for industry,
  • The website was created by S.C. Commerce as outlined in Executive Order 2022-31, which Gov. McMaster issued in October 2022.
  • The website contains four main sections for industry – State Support, Incentives, Plug into SC and News.
  • Other features include a video highlighting the state’s major EV original equipment manufacturers and contact points for industry to connect with the state’s EV Coordinator.
  • Industry interested in establishing or expanding EV operations in South Carolina can contact the state’s EV Coordinator.