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DMA Sales, LLC expanding operations in Marion County

$5 million investment will create 30 new jobs

DMA Sales, LLC, an automotive body parts supplier, today announced plans to expand operations in Marion County. The company’s $5 million investment will create 30 new jobs.

Founded in 2008, DMA Sales, LLC serves original equipment suppliers (OES), big box retailers, and wholesale and e-retail sales channels. The company assists the North American sales and distribution arm for overseas manufacturing facilities and is responsible for sales, marketing, logistics and product development.

Located at Marion County Industrial Park, DMA Sales, LLC has purchased three additional buildings that will accommodate quality testing, receive inbound ocean containers and house excess inventory.

Operations are expected to be online by early September. Individuals interested in joining the DMA Sales, LLC team should email resumes to the company.


“In business, you cannot always control the challenges that are put in your path, but with dedicated employees who are willing to adapt, innovate and ultimately execute, there is very little that can keep you from succeeding. The people of Marion County are great examples of doing this over the years. It is one of the primary drivers in expanding our operations here in Marion County.”
-DMA Sales, LLC President & CEO John Treece

“We are proud to see that DMA Sales, LLC is growing their footprint in one of our state’s rural counties. Their continued success is a testament to our state’s booming automotive industry and business climate. Congratulations to DMA Sales, LLC on their expansion in Marion County.”
-Gov. Henry McMaster

“Today’s announcement shows that Marion County is a place where businesses can find continued success. We are excited for these additional job opportunities in the community and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with DMA Sales, LLC.”
-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“With the third expansion over recent years, DMA Sales, LLC has proven to be an advocate of Marion County. We hope that this will send a message to any industries looking to expand in the future: Marion County is not only a place to go, but more importantly a place to grow.”
-Marion County Council Chairman John Q. Atkinson


  • DMA Sales, LLC is expanding operations in Marion County.
  • The company’s $5 million investment will create 30 new jobs.
  • DMA Sales, LLC is an automotive body parts supplier.
  • The company is located at Marion County Industrial Park in Marion, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the DMA Sales, LLC team should email resumes to the company.