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3S International Corporation establishing first U.S. operations in Laurens County

$15 million investment expected to result in new jobs

COLUMBIA, S.C. – 3S International Corporation, a strategic sourcing and manufacturing company that specializes in products for the energy market as well as precision large-scale fabrication and painting, is establishing its first U.S. operations in Laurens County. The $15 million investment is expected to result in 45 new jobs in Laurens, S.C. over the next five years.

Founded in Hong Kong, China in 2000, 3S International was initially established as a limited liability company focused on strategic sourcing. In 2008, the company launched its first manufacturing operations with a new facility in Jiangsu, China. Today, 3S employs more than 500 workers with operations in the Philippines, China and, now, the United States.

The company’s Laurens County operations will be located in an existing 58,000-square-foot facility at 1073 Neely Ferry Road in Laurens. To accommodate its administrative needs, 3S is constructing an additional 4,000 square feet of office space at the facility. With its U.S. operations, 3S will serve the energy divisions of firms in the global marketplace. Additionally, the company will manufacture above-ground storage tanks as well as precision fabrications.

The Laurens County facility is opening its doors on February 20, 2015, and hiring for the new positions is currently underway. Those interested in applying may contact through email: [email protected].


“A company is but a company. It is the people that make the company, and it’s the leadership that focuses ideas applied to the success of the company. That emphasis on people is one of the key reasons why we chose South Carolina for our first U.S. facility.” –3S International Corporation CEO John E. Kuykendall, II

“The leadership team at 3S International Corporation maintains a simple philosophy worldwide to ensure success. We strive each day to build a confident team through mentoring practical manufacturing practices and customer-specific ideals. We are excited to become part of the Laurens County community.”  –3S Facilities Manager Bill Haynie

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome 3S International Corporation to South Carolina and congratulate them for making the decision to build their first U.S. facility in Laurens County. The $15 million 3S is investing and the 45 new jobs they are creating truly will make a difference in the local community.” –Gov. Nikki Haley

“It’s always exciting to see foreign-based firms establish operations in the Palmetto State. Today, we celebrate the China-based 3S International Corporation and their decision to do business in Laurens County.” –Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

“We welcome this new company to our county to bring much needed jobs and tax base. It is good to see an industry locate in an existing building in the county.” –Laurens County Council Chairman Joe Wood


  • 3S International Corporation is establishing operations in Laurens County.
  • $15 million investment creating 45 new jobs.
  • 3S International Corporation was founded in 2000 and its U.S. operations are based in Laurens, S.C.
  • The new facility is located at 1073 Neely Ferry Road in Laurens, S.C.
  • Those interested in applying for an open position may send requests to [email protected].

About 3S International Corporation
Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, 3S International Corporation is a strategic sourcing and manufacturing company that specializes in products for the energy market. With two current facilities in China, Philippines and a new facility in Laurens, S.C., 3S is able to service a global market.