Life Sciences Industry

Recent investments and expansions by leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have brought recognition to South Carolina as a top destination for the life sciences industry. With a talented and innovative workforce, top research institutions and world-class hospital systems, the Palmetto State boasts an expanding biotech infrastructure.

With such exceptional assets, a dynamic group of bulk manufacturers, chemical processors, generic and proprietary pharmaceutical developers, hygiene product producers and packagers and related research and development companies have all decided to make their home in South Carolina. As a result, the Palmetto State has cultivated a truly cutting-edge life sciences industry sector.


Why is SC Just Right for Life Sciences?

4,800 new life sciences jobs announced from 2011-2018
$11.4 billion annual economic impact of SC's life sciences industry
400 life sciences companies currently operating in SC

"With the bulk of our scientists and advisors located in the Northeast corridor, we considered a variety of alternative locations, but Greenville represents a wonderful balance of small-town feel, sophistication, high growth and vibrancy."

Scott Pancoast, Zylö Therapeutics CEO
22,000 South Carolinians employed in the life sciences sector
30% employment growth in the life sciences industry from 2001 - 2010
$850 million in export sales of medical instruments and pharmaceutical products in 2018

More than 400 life sciences-related companies call SC home.

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