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ビジネスに適した環境を作り上げました。 あらゆる規模のビジネスが成功を手にし、製品を作りサービスを提供する人々が、より良い生活を築くことができる場所です。

SC is Just Right for Advanced Manufacturing

From premium automobiles and appliances to boats and aircraft, each time a finished product rolls off an assembly line in this state, it helps solidify South Carolina's reputation as a location just right for advanced manufacturing.


Existing manufacturers announced expansions in 2021


New manufacturing jobs announced from 2017–2021

More About Advanced Manufacturing

Sportsman Boats

“It is refreshing to live and work in a state that is pro-business and to be able to work with local and state officials to help provide good jobs for our fellow citizens.”

—Sportsman Boats President Tommy Hancock

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Manufacturing Employment Growth in South Carolina (in thousands)

Data not seasonally adjusted

Source: US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

SC is Just Right for Advanced Materials

From plastics and optics to photonics and composite material, we are supplying advanced textiles and substrates.


Advanced materials and composites firms

$744 million

Capital investments since 2017

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Fiber Industries

"The management team has been very impressed with the local workforce capabilities."

—Fiber Industries Officers Andrew Rosenfeld and Leandro Carboni

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South Carolina's Export Sales of Plastics and Rubber Products (in Billions)

Source: World Trade Atlas

SC is Just Right for Aerospace

With an economic impact of $28.8 billion, the aerospace sector has evolved into a major pillar of the state's economy.


Firms in the private sector component of the SC aerospace


South Carolinians employed in the aerospace industry

More About Aerospace


"GKN is proud to be a part of the South Carolina aerospace community. We continue growing our strong partnership with the state of South Carolina."

—GKN Aerostructures North America CEO Daniele Cagnatel

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South Carolina's Export Sales of Aircraft (in Billions)

Source: World Trade Atlas

SC is Just Right for Agribusiness

With approximately 25,000 farms and 12.9 million acres of forestland, we are in the business of growing.

$845 million

In capital investments announced by agribusiness firms in 2021


Jobs directly supported by South Carolina's agribusiness industry

More About Agribusiness

Ruiz Food Products

“We are honored how the Florence community and the State of South Carolina have embraced our joining their business community.”

—Ruiz Food Products, Inc. President and CEO Rachel Cullen

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Market Value of South Carolina Agriculture Products Sold (in Billions)

SC is Just Right for Automotive

Manufacturing of motor vehicles, bodies, trailers and parts accounts for more than $5.3 billion in state. 


in the export sales of both tires and completed passenger vehicles

$2.8 billion

in capital investment from 2017 to 2021

More About Automotive

Mercedes-Benz Vans

"The region has very highly skilled workers, a dense network of reliable suppliers and an outstanding logistics infrastructure that includes good transport connections to the nearby harbor."

—Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans Volker Mornhinweg

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US Automotive Export Sales

South Carolina accounts for 21% of the total US automotive export sales market.
Source: US Department of Commerce

SC is Just Right for Distribution & Logistics

More than 208 million people are within a two days’ drive of South Carolina.


of state-maintained highways


of rail

More About Distribution & Logistics

Dollar Tree

“Dollar Tree has been extremely impressed with the South Carolina transportation infrastructure which will support the Upstate distribution center. The current project to widen Interstate 85 and the efficiencies associated with the Greer Inland Port were instrumental in our site selection process.”

—Dollar Tree Chief Logistics Officer Stephen W. White

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South Carolina's Export Sales Growth (in Billions)

Source: US Department of Commerce

SC is Just Right for Life Sciences

Recent investments by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies make South Carolina a top destination for the life sciences industry.


Life sciences companies currently operating in SC


South Carolinians employed in the life sciences sector

More About Life Sciences

The Ritedose Corporation

"Since 1995, South Carolina's commitment to our success has allowed our company to continue to expand."

—The Ritedose Corp. President and CEO Dr. Umesh Dalvi

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Medical Device Patents Granted in South Carolina

SC is Just Right for Office/Shared Services

South Carolina's office and shared services industry prove that the Palmetto State is home to a diversified and dynamic economy.


new jobs announced by office and shared services firms from 2017-2021


economic development projects announced by office and shared services firms from 2017 through 2021

More About Office/Shared Services

Verizon Wireless

“With access to an outstanding workforce and an ‘open for business’ policy by state and local officials, we are truly looking forward to expanding our presence in Greenville.” 

—Verizon Wireless Customer Care Senior Vice President Christine Baron

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Job Creation Announced by Office, Headquarters and Research

Source: SC Department of Commerce

SC is Just Right for Start-Ups

With an advantageous work climate, corporate tax structure and location opportunities, South Carolina is just right for growing a new business.


of SC startups are in business one year after founding -- one of the highest rates in the Southeast

New Business Resources


"South Carolina’s quality of life is a major advantage for start-ups competing for top talent with Silicon Valley and other hotspots."

—Bidr Founder Sam Staley

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South Carolina Small Businesses by Firm Size

By total employees, according to the US Small Business Administration

SC is Just Right for Small Business


Percentage of South Carolina's private employers that are small


Percentage of South Carolina's total employment works for a small business

Small Business Events

Newbold Services

"We've been able to succeed and grow in South Carolina because the workforce has been exceptional."

—Newbold Services President and CEO Erwin Carter

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South Carolina Goods Exports by Company Size

Small and medium-sized enterprises account for 84% of South Carolina goods exports.
Source: US Small Business Administration

SC is Just Right for Large Companies

From BMW to Google, we are a state that's prepared to move your company forward.

$29.8 billion

announced capital investment in South Carolina from 2011-2018

$2 billion

in port-related capital investments will be executed over the next decade


Honda of South Carolina

"Our most recent investment and the current plant expansion reaffirms our commitment to our customers, the state of South Carolina and our local communities.”

—Honda of South Carolina President Gary Mabrey

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Top Industries in South Carolina (by 2017 Employment)

SC is Just Right for Business

Here in SC, both entrepreneurial local businesses and global enterprise industries find a home where they can flourish.


of SC's 2018 job recruitment total can be attributed to the state's existing industries


apprentices served by Apprenticeship Carolina

More About Doing Business Here

Blackbaud, Inc.

"For nearly 30 years we’ve called South Carolina home, and this community is very important to us."

—Blackbaud President and CEO Mike Gianoni

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Capital Investment Recruited, 2018

Expansion projects accounted for 48% of capital investment recruited in 2018.
Source: SC Department of Commerce

SC is Just Right for Your US Headquarters

The location of our state makes it ideal for product distribution across the continental US.


median single-family home sales price in SC


fastest growing state population in the nation

More about SC


"The production of our 4 millionth vehicle in South Carolina reflects the commitment and dedication of every associate to produce premium quality vehicles." 

—BMW Manufacturing President and CEO Knudt Flor

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Distance to Major Cities

Mileage based on the approximate driving distance from the center of SC (Columbia) to the center of listed cities.

SC is Just Right for Global Business

Global business is all about ports and good international relationships. We have both.


Percentage of South Carolina's workforce that's employed by international firms


countries served by vessels that use South Carolina's ports

More about International Business


“Before, we were importing through Savannah and Long Beach. Then I decided to consolidate all our imports via Charleston, giving us an advantage of better control of our shipments and better communication with Port managers."

—Komatsu Senior Manager Isamu Hamai

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Investment Recruited by International Firms (in millions of dollars)

Approximately $775 million in foreign direct investment was recruited to South Carolina in 2018.