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Privacy Statement


The South Carolina Department of Commerce strives to make all of its web resources accessible to anyone with disabilities in accordance with federal law. If you have a problem accessing the content on this or any other SC Commerce Web site, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of any page on this Web site. We will then work to make the Web page or feature accessible, or to provide the information in a format that is accessible.

Privacy Statement

This policy establishes how SC Commerce will use information gathered from your visit to our Web site. The privacy of our visitors is of utmost importance to us.

1. Accessing and Downloading information:
We may collect and store information for Web analysis and statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visits to the different pages of our site to help us organize them better for visitors.

2. Contacting us via Email:
By sending us an electronic mail message, you may be sending us personal information (e.g., name, address, email address), as in an official Freedom of Information Act request. We may store the name and address of the requester in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter of your Email.

3. Event Registrations or Application Forms:
Some of our sites may request specific information when completing a registration or application form. Any information which may be collected at these sites through questionnaires, feedback forms or other means, enables us to determine a client’s interests, to provide services and allows them to interact with the services provided by SC Commerce.

Because SC Commerce is a public agency, information collected on this site may be subject to disclosure under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act. There are exceptions to the public's right to access certain records in order to preserve the privacy of individuals. Information collected by us may be subject to inspection and copying by the public, unless such an exemption in law exists. In the event that there is a conflict between this Privacy Statement and a state or federal law governing the disclosure of public records, the applicable state or federal law shall control.

The Family Privacy Protection Act of 2002 prohibits persons or private entities from using any personal information obtained from the Agency’s web site for commercial solicitation purposes. A person knowingly violating this prohibition is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to the penalties specified in 30-2-50 (D).

In summary, regardless of the information being transmitted to SC Commerce, we attempt to protect all such information consistent with applicable law.

For more information about these issues, contact Kelly Coakley, Director of Marketing and Communications, at (803) 737-1998.


This site and the sites of individual units of this agency are operated by the South Carolina Department of Commerce as a public service. The Agency reserves the right to alter or discontinue any aspect of this site at any time.

This Web site is used to provide information and access to many types of public information. While every effort is made to ensure that all information is accurate, data on this site is provided as is, without any warranty of any kind. The Agency is not responsible for damages or injury caused by failure of performance, error, omission, inaccuracy, completeness or other errors in information on this site. Information is subject to change without notice. Please seek confirmation with the appropriate Agency department prior to taking any action based upon information found on this Web site.

As a public service, links to other sites or documents may also be found on this page or the pages of Agency offices. The Agency is not responsible for the accuracy or opinions expressed on other sites.