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Emergency Preparedness

Disaster response at the state and federal levels utilizes an Emergency Support Function (ESF) system.

Each ESF is aimed at a particular aspect of disaster response and recovery (ex. ESF 12 is energy/utilities). ESF-24 is geared specifically to business and industry and is a newer, but vital aspect of disaster response.

The South Carolina Department of Commerce and Emergency Support Function (ESF)-24 share a common goal: get businesses back up and running and people back to work as quickly as possible in times of disaster. This mission is vital because when businesses are impacted, the community is impacted as well. The faster that standard operations are restored, the faster the community returns to normal.


Stay Informed During a Disaster​
A large-scale disaster anywhere in the state could disrupt normal operations and affect employees of any business. Every business in South Carolina should have continuity and safety plans in place prior to a major incident. To stay up to date on news and information, please visit the SC Emergency Management Division's Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center.

SC Commerce has a dedicated online hub that contains the latest resources, guidance and financial assistance to companies during COVID-19. 

SC Commerce COVID-19 Business Resources Center