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South Carolina is home to some of the United States' most diverse ecosystems and natural features.

Spanning the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range to the Atlantic Ocean's coastal marshes, South Carolina is a haven for naturalists and outdoor recreationalists, alike. Our business environment is no exception.

Through public-private partnerships, state-led initiatives and upstanding corporate citizens, South Carolina is proud to be home to some of the most environmentally conscientious companies, around the world and around our state.

Making an Impact in South Carolina

Electric Vehicles

South Carolina's strong and diverse automotive sector laid the foundation for success in EV production. Learn more about our EV manufacturers and suppliers leading the charge.

Learn About Our EV Market

Recycling in SC

Looking for a local recycling center? Our SC Recycling Markets Directory collates recycle center information based on materials and project needs.

SC Recycling Markets Directory

Green Initiatives Credits

We offer a variety of sustainability credits, encouraging and rewarding companies prioritizing green and sustainable operations initiatives.

Learn About Green Credits

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