Regional Workforce Advisors

Twelve Regional Workforce Advisors focus on ensuring that South Carolina’s workforce continues to be one of the best in the nation. At a time when South Carolina’s economy is developing at historic rates, the Regional Workforce Advisors are the state’s resource for creating a workforce of the future. These advisors are our go-to team, bridging gaps at the local level between those who educate our students and those in the business community who rely on a talented labor pool.

Here’s how the Regional Workforce Advisors can serve you.

Regional Workforce Advisors Helping Business

  • Helping businesses partner with schools to develop a workforce for industries, including apprenticeships and job shadowing experiences
  • Relaying information to educators about workforce needs
  • Bridging the gap between workforce needs and workforce development
  • Advocating industry needs inside the education system
  • Helping businesses reach students, educators and parents to relay information about job descriptions, salaries and general information about industry
  • Serving as a support system for the emerging workforce

Regional Workforce Advisors Helping Educators

  • Providing suggestions to make learning relevant to workforce needs
  • Connecting educators and industry leaders for collaborative problem solving
  • Communicating South Carolina industry workforce needs
  • Providing suggestions for workforce development, college, and career preparation in curriculum
  • Providing information on professional development related to college and career readiness based on employer feedback

Regional Workforce Advisors Helping Students, Parents and Adult Learners

  • Providing opportunities for students to interact with industry leaders and businesses, including apprenticeships and job shadowing opportunities.
  • Connecting students to future employment opportunities and higher education
  • Guiding students in workforce preparation, including career transition advice, and work ready skill development
  • Informing students and parents of opportunities and career facts
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