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Boysen USA establishing operations in Spartanburg County

$4.5 million investment will create 88 new jobs

Boysen USA, a subsidiary of the German-based Boysen Group, today announced plans to expand its South Carolina presence with a new operation in Spartanburg County. The company’s $4.5 million investment will create 88 new jobs.

A specialist in automotive exhaust technology, Boysen USA develops and manufactures exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, particulate traps, silencers and complete exhaust systems for leading original equipment manufacturers. The company’s main customers include the German carmakers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW, as well as the British marques Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Located at 404 Centura Court, Boysen USA’s new operation will accommodate additional manufacturing capacity to meet increased demand. The company also operates another South Carolina facility in Cherokee County.

Operations are currently online. Individuals interested in joining the Boysen USA team should visit the company’s careers page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project. 


“Each and every one of us helps to achieve Boysen USA’s quality targets in the workplace, and this improves the economic efficiency and the competitiveness of our company. We intend to keep our pledge of performance and be the No. 1 in quality and engineering.” Mission Statement: “We are Boysen. We do it better.”
-Boysen USA Chief Executive Officer Charl Greeff

“Boysen USA’s announcement today is another win for South Carolina’s powerhouse automotive industry. As Boysen USA grows its footprint in our state, it serves as a testament that South Carolina offers a business environment that fosters growth. We appreciate Boysen USA’s decision to invest more in our state and our people.”
-Gov. Henry McMaster

“Congratulations to Boysen USA on its continued success in South Carolina. As a supplier to leading automotive manufacturers, the company’s growth serves as a reminder that South Carolina’s automotive industry continues to accelerate. We look forward to Boysen USA’s positive impact in Spartanburg County and beyond.”
-Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III

“Economic development in Spartanburg County remains strong, and we’re excited to leverage that strength to welcome Boysen USA. Boysen USA joins a long line of world-class manufacturing companies with a presence in Spartanburg, and our county is happy to welcome them and to provide the resources they need to continue their growth.”
-Spartanburg County Councilman and Chairman of the Economic Development Committee David Britt


  • Boysen USA is expanding its South Carolina presence with a new operation in Spartanburg County.
  • The company’s $4.5 million investment will create 88 new jobs.
  • Boysen USA is a specialist in automotive exhaust technology.
  • Located at 404 Centura Court in Spartanburg, S.C.
  • Individuals interested in joining the Boysen USA team should visit the company’s careers page