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Want to advance your company's legacy?

South Carolina is built for the new economy.

A new brand symbolizes our commitment to moving companies forward.

In South Carolina, we understand that thriving companies build vibrant communities. This understanding makes us allies of innovation, dedicated to your business success from Launch to Legacy. Our collaborative approach and responsive communication attract leaders in life sciences, electric vehicles and advanced energy to the Palmetto State. Working where you love is a distinctive South Carolina advantage, contributing to continued success of companies such as Boeing, BMW and Volvo.

Progressive. Collaborative. Connected. As illustrated in our new logo, the South Carolina Department of Commerce is dedicated to propelling our state forward. Our new brand roots us in our heritage while exemplifying the tech evolution happening in our state.

Launch to Legacy Success Stories

When you invest in South Carolina, you grow—as a business, person and community.

The secret? South Carolina's unique combination of top talent, pro-business policies, and family-friendly locations present ample opportunities for large corporations, entrepreneurs and families to thrive.

Move your company from what it is to what it could be.

Isn’t it time to advance your company’s legacy? Just introduce yourself and let’s start talking about the possibilities of relocating to South Carolina.