2017 Aug 27 to 2017 Aug 31

    South Carolina Automotive Trade Mission to Mexico

    S.C. Commerce is leading an automotive trade mission to Mexico. Companies that are approved to attend will have one-on-one meetings with prospective distributors, agents and partners that are set up by the U.S. Commercial Service.

    2017 Aug 29 to 2017 Aug 31

    2017 S.C. Aerospace Conference

    The S.C. Aerospace Conference and Expo is designed to connect leaders from industry, academia and government to showcase the growing aerospace cluster in South Carolina.

    2017 Sep 06 to 2017 Sep 08

    2nd Charles E. Fraser Sustainable Resort Development Conference

    Representatives from SC coastal resorts and related business, local and state governments, universities, colleges and non-profits will meet on Hilton Head Island to examine current sustainable resort development challenges and to share concrete, r

    2017 Sep 11 to 2017 Sep 13

    S.C. International Trade Conference

    The South Carolina International Trade Conference (SCITC) is an annual event that brings together leaders from the maritime industry and manufacturing to discuss updates and opportunities in the area of global trade.

    2017 Sep 13

    S.C. Logistics Tech Talk

    The inaugural S.C. Logsitics Tech Talk will showcase the exciting innovation and technology changing the future of the logistics industry.

    2017 Sep 21

    Startup Global Carolina: Exporting for Technology Companies

    From the latest gadgets to cloud-based computing, South Carolina has companies involved in them all. Those that succeed, market their products to the world; and, your tech company can be an exporter, too.

    2017 Oct 09 to 2017 Oct 11

    Composites Suppliers Meetings South Carolina

    Composites Suppliers Meetings (CSM) South Carolina is a supply chain event that brings together composites manufacturers and users from such industries as automotive, aerospace and defense, renewable energy and more.

    2017 Oct 10

    Summit on Information Technology

    What challenges and opportunities does South Carolina face in IT workforce development? The findings from a major research study of South Carolina’s technology sector will be revealed at the South Carolina Summit on IT on Tuesday, October 10.

    2017 Oct 22 to 2017 Oct 24

    40th Annual SEUS-Japan Conference

    Greenville, SC will host the 40th Annual Joint Meeting of the Southeast US/Japan and the Japan-US Southeast Associations (SEUS Japan).

    2017 Dec 04 to 2017 Dec 08

    Trade Mission to the United Kingdom

    The South Carolina Department of Commerce is leading a multi-sector trade mission to the United Kingdom. Approved companies will have one-on-one meetings with prospective distributors, agents and partners that are set-up by the U.S.